Welcome To Our New Blog

Welcome to our new blog! We will be posting industry-related links and articles as we stumble upon them. These posts may include articles about research and scientific glass, like glass laser components, lamp chimneys, molded and tooled glass shapes or other interesting tidbits and photos from the many industries we serve. In addition, we’ll be sharing anecdotes and photographs from our shop to give you a better sense of who we are as individuals.

Having remained super busy, we found it necessary to expand our facility in 2010.  We nearly doubled the size of our building and are thrilled to now have room to breathe, and space to accommodate new equipment and an expanding staff.  Set on a hill in the woods of glorious Vermont.  Please note our golden retriever security guard, Hops.

Vitri-Forms Building


Brunelle & Son Construction did a great job!

Thanks for checking out our blog.  Check back weekly for new posts.