Custom Glass Manufacturing

Vitri-Forms, Inc. manufactures custom glassware for scientific and industrial uses of all kinds. Custom is defined as a design of your choice, or a design that is not a standard stocked item.

We specialize in electronics, lighting, automotive, medical, diagnostic and scientific applications.

Our services include:

We serve a broad range of customers from scientific laboratories to makers of consumer goods with glass components.

Vitri-Forms manufactures custom glass components for all types of industries  including scientific, industrial and residential. We are able to show a small sampling below of some of our custom products.   The majority of our work is proprietary and we strictly honor our commitment to customer confidentiality. We will not show images of those products.

Domes Blown glass or molded glass lenses and domes
With optional sandblasting, masking or conductive coatings
CO2 Laser Tubes and Laser Components
Borosilicate and quartz glass
Laboratory Apparatus
Custom manufacture or modification of standard lab glass. Also repair of all laboratory apparatus.
Glass To Metal Glass-to-Metal Seals
Copper, Kovar and Tungsten
 Clock Face 007 Bent Glass and/or Slumped Glass
Clear borosilicate and clear or colored high expansion glass, glass sheets and plate glass.  We have developed our own proprietary technique for slumping bubble glass for antique clock faces and picture frames.  If you have a sketch , sample blank or frame we can make a mold to bend or slump your finished product.
Alembics of varying configurations — Distill, separate, and purify substances
Dairy Jar Repair
Weigh jars and receiver jars
  Production cutting of cells, spacers, beads, cases, blanks, cylinders, and tubes for all industries.
 Sapphire Boule Quality Sapphire Components
Sapphire is described as a single crystal – Aluminum Oxide (Al2O3) – which is colorless and optically clear. Mechanically second only to diamond. One of the hardest and most scratch resistant materials available.
Sapphire is one of the most sought after optical materials in the industry today and Vitri-Forms has the competitive pricing you need on quality sapphire windows.
Custom Lamp Chimneys and Shades
We can produce lamp chimneys to your custom specifications.

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