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Vitri-Forms at the 4th Annual Latin Grammy Awards

Green RibbonWe were proud to be selected to manufacture green glass Awareness Ribbons for Heineken USA. Heineken, a sponsor of the Latin Grammys, began this green ribbon project with salsa star Celia Cruz in April 2003, prior to her death in July of that year.

The Heineken Green Ribbon Program is part of a national effort to raise awareness and funds to support music education programs. The ribbons were given to attending celebrities, music talent, music industry professionals, and media personalities to wear at the award ceremony. The Celia Cruz Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising funds for underprivileged students who want to study music. Vitri-Forms is proud to have been a part of this worthy event.

Custom Art Glass & Jewelry

JewelryGlass Teardrops, among other shapes, are blown and have been filled with crushed genuine opal or amethyst and glycerin for a beautiful floating effect.

HourglassWe also have manufactured a number of shapes and sizes of blown glass hourglasses that have been filled with sand, coral and diamond dust. All blown glass pendants are filled with customer supplied materials.


Ribbon “Awareness” Jewelry

If your organization is considering a commemorative art or jewelry piece, our designers are available to help you develop something that’s truly memorable. We also produce custom glass components for jewelry manufacturers to incorporate into their pieces.

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Be sure to see the beautiful jewelry created by the talented Lisa with our products at Lisa’s Jewelry Creations

Breast Cancer AwarenessSpecial Breast Cancer Awareness Ornament AIDS Awareness RibbonAids Awareness Ribbon

Breast Ovarian Cancer Awareness Bar PinBreast and Ovarian Cancer Awareness Bar Pin

Patriotic 3 Piece SetPatriotic Necklace And Earrings

Ovarian Cancer Awareness RibbonOvarian
Custom Awareness Ribbons and Special Jewelry Ensembles are hand crafted for your organization and cause.
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Green RibbonHeineken
Green Ribbon

Support Our Troops Yellow RibbonYellow
“Support Our Troops” Ribbon

Breast Cancer
Awareness Ribbons

Breast Cancer Awareness RibbonsStyle1  

Style 2

We also offer custom hand engraving on ribbons!

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