Prototyping, Development & Production

Glass Prototyping and Development Made Easy

Industrial Glass

We specialize in glass prototyping, development, and production.  Each piece we produce is carefully designed, developed and manufactured to meet high professional standards.  Whether you need a single part, a first or second generation prototype, or a thousand pieces, our quality is evident in every piece.  Here at Vitri-Forms, we work with our customers to determine the most practical and economical way of designing and developing their products.

We use a combination of the following strengths to offer you the best prototyping and development service in the industry:

  • 100 plus years of combined scientific and research glassblowing experience
  • Strong attention to detail, and a personal commitment to your satisfaction as a customer
  • Communication every step of the way, to ensure quality and cost efficiency

Give Us Your Idea – We’ll Help You Find a Solution

Be it a concept or a detailed drawing, we can start where you are.  A phone call, an e-mail, or a faxed sketch is all we need to get started.  We consult with you throughout the prototyping phase so that you get exactly the product you need.

The majority of our prototyping and production work is protected by strict confidentiality agreements.  We take this very seriously, and therefore cannot share examples of the majority of the work we do.  Several of our products are now in their second and third generation.

Glass Product Improvement and Development

Sometimes there is a product you are able to source, but you need to modify it, or just redesign it to make it work better.  You need to keep your budget in mind, without sacrificing quality.  We can help.  Allow us to use our experience and precise production ability to make that product better.

A Satisfied Customer 

We were approached by a customer who had been purchasing mass-produced chromatography columns.  These columns had significant inconsistencies in the tip, lengths, diameters and overall shape, which made it very difficult for our customer to use these as interchangeable items.  He asked us if we could make all the tips consistent.  For the last 5 years we have been producing over 7,000 columns, each one interchangeable.

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